Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Houses & Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Eve we decorated candy houses with the Millers. 

For some reason I am just so in love with Everett's house. I think he enjoys things like this and it was cute to see him at work. 

I loved Everett's candy house so much that I had to make my own. So I made two but I still like Everett's the best.

Christmas Eve we had the Millers over for dinner. I shouldn't really say we had them over for dinner because they pretty much brought dinner to us. 

We had ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, asparagus w/bacon, deviled eggs, fancy carrots, stuffing, veggies, rolls, sparkling cider, cheesecake, and the most delicious french silk pie I've ever, ever had. It was ridiculous!

And they are pregnant with their third son. Poor Breckie. 

It was very merry Christmas Eve… as merry as it can be with little kids :)

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  1. You know that us having 3 boys means I will tag along to a the girl stuff you and Breckie do. So just plan on the 3rd wheel. ;)