Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Last week we had a meeting with Everett's teachers and speech therapist at school. 

He is doing so well that he doesn't need the program anymore. 

When he first started last August he was super shy but loved school. He still loves school and now loves to be the center of attention too. His teachers also told me that he is always the first to raise his hand and answer the question and wants the other kids to be quiet while he talks!

I love how much he's grown and learned and I'm super sad he won't be in the preschool program anymore. Next year he'll be in Kindergarten so I think we'll just enjoy the next 8 months school free. 

Lately he's been saying "dang-it" a lot. It's pretty hilarious. I asked him where he heard the word and he said "from Dad!" 

As we were driving to his last day of school yesterday I mentioned that he could say "shoot" or something else instead of dang-it because dang-it is kind-of a word for big kids… 

And he says: "But Mom, I've been eating lots of food and I'm growing bigger and bigger and that means I'm a big kid now."

I guess he's right. He is getting so big!!

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