Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Errands With My Peeps

Jake had an office open house last Friday night. 

In preparation for his open house we spent several evenings decorating his office, putting up a tree, and drinking hot chocolate. We all really enjoyed it and decided we'd make it a new tradition to decorate Dad's office for Christmas. And then probably eat cookies at Kneeders since it's in the same parking lot. This year Breckie had a star (sugar cookie), Everett a tree, and Jake and I had mint brownies. SO GOOD. 

On Friday, a few minutes before the open house, the kids and I dropped off all the food. We planned to run some errands and then come back for the end. 

As soon as we got to our first destination: 

It wasn't a big deal though. Since it was perfect outside, I just rolled down the windows and prepared my church lesson on my phone while they slept. It worked out really well, actually!

When they woke up we went inside Ikea. I was picking up the last things I needed for Breckies room. Everett likes to play in the play place and Breckie was my little shopping buddy… and bathroom buddy with these super handy seats in the stalls for moms like me who don't buy shoes for their kids...

Since we had time to kill and they were hungry, we went to McDonalds. 

Everett begged me to take him to the mall where they have this train set inside Barns & Noble. I CLEARLY remember standing right beside this same train table hugely pregnant with Breckie nearly two years ago. I'm glad he still has fun with these trains… even though parking at the mall around Christmas time is almost as challenging as finding that needle in a haystack!

That night was also the Christmas party at church. We got there really late but still managed to eat lots of cookies and visit with friends. We also had lots and lots and lots of leftover cookies from the open house… I'm pretty sure I'm still in a cookie coma!

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