Thursday, December 18, 2014

Photo Booth & Gambling

Last Saturday was the Edward Jones Christmas party.  

Last year there was a photo booth (which was the highlight of the party) so I was hoping it'd be there this year too. Lucky for me:

Not only was the photo booth there but the Millers were there too (well, technically we came/went together but…) 

We were A LOT better at taking pictures last year but the second one down on the group pictures is the best!

We ate lots of food and LOTS of dessert and each of us gambled away $1,000 playing craps (fake money, of course!!!!). None of us had ever played so we were like the dumb, sober ones learning from the less sober advisors…

AND we got to bring home a beta fish for the kids (they were the centerpieces). Lucky for us Everett had just asked for a fish a few days prior. He also asked for a dog, not a puppy, and said that he really, really wanted a BIG dog. Unlucky for me a big dog showed up on our front porch this morning. He must have been lost because I highly doubt we'll ever get a dog… sorry Everett… maybe we should name our beta "dog".

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