Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thankful It's Over

I always have SO much to be thankful for. SOOO much! So I guess this year I am grateful that Thanksgiving wasn't any worse than it was. 

It took us a solid 3 weeks to decide if we were going to drive to CO or stay in AZ. Finally we decided to drive to CO. Breckie (and I) are not very good road-trippers but Jake and Everett are the bomb. 

So we set off Wednesday morning at 10:15. We purposely didn't leave any earlier because we didn't want to start out the trip sleep deprived. 

The 7 hour drive took us 9 hours and Breckie puked 6 times… well, she had 6 puking episodes which means she really puked 12-15 times. At least we brought wipes this time :) (and honestly, she hasn't puked since September 3rd… I've been keeping track!)

The next 4 days went as follows: no sleep, eat, Breckie puke, no sleep, eat, Breckie puke, sleep exhaustion, wanting to die, Breckie puke, Breckie puke, Breckie puke x's 100, drive home, Breckie puke 3 more times, Breckie freaks out and gives one final scream session 45 minutes before we get home. 

It was exhausting. 

BUT we did get to see family… including my Grandma that came from NM and my sister from UT (whom is about to leave on her mission).

Friday we decided to go to Vallecito lake to see if we could catch any salmon. But mostly to get out of the house. 

My grandma and Jake with little miss puker. She really was pretty sick.

Everett, though, had the time of his life.  

Saturday we went with Effie to the Monticello temple. Jake stayed home because Breckie was still sick and puking. 

Effie is going to the Oakland CA mission and is serving part of her mission in the temple visitors center.  Whoop whoop. I was totally planning a family road trip to go and visit her later this summer but then we looked at a map and it's a 14 hour drive. Disneyland is a halfway point… BUT as long as Breckie makes puking while traveling her new favorite pastime I don't think so!

Later we ate some Mexican food and Bridget decorated for Christmas. 

Sunday morning at 3:45 Breckie woke up the whole house. Had a bath even. Jake packed the car and we were just going to wake Everett up and start the 9 hour journey home. But as soon as the car was completely packed and ready she fell asleep. 

But we are alive to tell the tale. 

Trips like these are what memories are made of, right??!?

I am THANKFUL we are home!

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