Sunday, December 21, 2014

Usery Pass

Since I got my road bike for my birthday in October I've been out riding most Saturday mornings. It's been really, really fun. We've gone anywhere between 14-36 miles. 

Friday night (at the Moss's hayride) Cheryl invited me to ride with her, her husband, and some guys from his work Saturday morning. 

I'm ALWAYS excited/looking forward to the next ride!

This time we loaded up our bikes and drove to Mesa so we could ride the Usery pass loop. 

It was just over 20 miles and a really, really nice ride. I'm already looking forward to the next time I can ride it. It's beautiful!

There is a 3.5 mile uphill climb and I totally killed it! Everyone made me feel pretty good about it (it does help that I almost weigh half as much as most of them). And then they all slaughtered me on the downhill. Go figure!

We were going to do the loop twice but another friend that came with us was throwing a party that evening and needed to get home. But Josh (Cheryl's husband) rides from our house, does the loop, and rides home and says it's a fun ride. 

It's 65 miles. 

I know I can do it. I'd prefer to do it with someone else before I go by myself though, which has been so nice that the Felts (Cheryl & Josh) have pretty much held by hand through this whole road biking endeavor of mine. 

I wouldn't even know where to ride if they hadn't invited me on all their rides…. and they're moving to Utah. In two weeks. I'm SO grateful for them and all they've taught me because I'd be lost without them... and I am SOOOOOO bummed they're moving!

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