Saturday, January 17, 2015

Aunt Effie

Effie came to visit us last week. It was perhaps the most exciting, playful week of Everett's life. 

Effie is leaving on her mission in a few days so she came to see us and say goodbye for 18 months.

She got here Monday afternoon. Jake didn't get home until pretty late so we stayed up and watched Dawn of the Apes and ate ice cream. Thank goodness because we didn't get to see much of Jake the rest of the week. 

Tuesday we went to Jumpstreet. 

Then to the park and Dairy Queen. 

Wednesday Effie and I both woke up and felt as if we'd been hit by a bus. We managed to ride bikes and scooters over to Freddy's at Everett's request for some frozen custard. Turns out he just likes to eat the "dirt and worms" off of the custard. 

Thursday we were mostly better.  We just hung out and played and waited for Jake to get home so we could go eat some Cafe Rio. 

Effie had a missionary friend come home from his mission the night before and she was so excited to see him. She left Thursday night to drive the 2.5 hours to him (instead of leaving Friday morning). 

I was so sad when she left. It's like she drove away with a piece of me with her. The next day I cried twice. The first thing Everett said Friday morning was: "Effie is my friend" and Breckie kept walking around the house saying: "Effie… Effie?"

Today, when we rode bikes to the park, Everett said under his breath: "Effie isn't here so I guess I'll just play with Dad"

We miss her already.

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