Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby "Dotes" & Kids

Jake has been working SOOOO much lately. It's exhausting. 
Everett doesn't have preschool anymore
I have parental ADD, which
We HAVE to get out of the house or I get "stay-at-home" depression. 

So Saturday afternoon I took the kids to Schnepf farms. I didn't know what we were going to do but it's free so we just went. And it's 5 minutes from our house. 

Turns out the goats just had a bunch of kids :)

Now, I'm not really an animal lover. At all.

I know, I know. 

I just don't speak "animal" and neither do my kids. We're just kind-of afraid of them for no good reason. 

But we tried our best and by the time we left we actually enjoyed ourselves!

LOOK! Breckie even touched it! The first time I asked her to touch one she kind-of punched it.

The kids were so cute. All of them!

Everett went back in a few times and each time he worked up a little bit more courage and then I told him I'd give him a quarter if he held one :)

My heart almost exploded!!!!!

He was so cute and so brave and I was SO PROUD of him. 

He wants me to print out the picture so he can have it in his room!

We also checked out the ginormous cow:

and "horsie"


And the sheep. The ewes were kind of mean to their babies… maybe that's how it's done in nature. Perhaps this is why I don't speak "animal"… I just love my babies too much to be mean to them!

About twenty minutes into our petting zoo shenanigans a birthday party comes strolling by and starts jumping on the air pillows. The staff said we could join the fun!

We got so lucky and had such a fun time at the farm. We have yet to ride the train but I have a feeling we'll be back to ride it before it starts to get too hot. 

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