Monday, January 26, 2015

Story Time Success

I took these two to story time the other day… for the second time ever. 

Ever, ever. 

Everett hated the one time I took him before Breckie was born and has never participated in group activities (think: parks and rec, etc…) but now that he isn't in preschool anymore I'm desperate to get him out of the house. 

So story time we went. 

It was actually a huge success!

He participated and listened to the stories and sang the songs and did the craft and I. WAS. SO. PROUD!!

He has matured so nicely the last two years and it makes my heart so happy. 

And my little Breckie was cute… just sat there and played with her name tag like the kid next to her. I swear she'd lick the bottom of her shoe is the kid next to her did!

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