Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Birthday Shopper

Breckie and I made a special trip to Target just to figure out what she wants for her birthday (IN TWO WEEKS!!!!).

Breckie plays with anything and everything. She know all of Everett's rescue bots names and paw patrol pup names and can even name some of his movies but she doesn't really have any special toys of her own. 

She has always loved stuffed animals. Everett has some large stuffed friends but she doesn't… so maybe we'll have to change that in a few weeks ;)

And then there was this doll jeep. She was in love and she couldn't have been more cute about it. We literally walked around Target for over an hour just like this:

Getting her to put it back on the shelf was no little feat. It involved distracting her with another toy and then trying to secretly put that toy back and it was disaster. But at least I know what she really wants for her birthday!


  1. I just love her. I did the same thing with Lindsey on her first birthday. I remember looking at something and when I turned around Lindsey had her seat full of animals. It was the funiest thing. We need to visit you guys! To this day Taylor still says that Everett is his best friends. Lets FaceTime and catch up!!