Monday, February 16, 2015

Cool Hand Luke

I have been absolutely horrible about taking nice pictures lately. I've also been bad about documenting the cool things we've done to our house. But I'll get there. Maybe. Right after I get Everett signed up for kindergarten!

But I kind-of took (crappy) pictures of Valentines day :)

We made heart shaped pancakes with strawberries for breakfast. 

Jake made be the coolest card and gave me some cool stuff. He really is the greatest!

Jake is a financial advisor and works with a lot of older people and one old guy was especially pleased with Jake and told Jake's secretary that Jake was a "cool hand luke." We had to google it since it was before our time… it's a movie from 1967… I'm not sure what it's about but from the google images it seems to be a compliment :)

So I made him a cool hand luke Valentines card and got him a 4 pack of the ginger beer we loved so much from Australia (thank you world market!). 

Everett had a party at his brand new preschool (as of last week!!!) so we made some cute valentines to pass out and he wrote his name on the back of all of them. 

They made a few crafts at school and he came back with a bag full of treats and valentines toys. 

(this was literally one fifth of what he got)

Breckie had a lot of fun stealing from his treat bag when he wasn't looking. 


The night before Valentines day we went to see Big Hero 6 at the dollar theater. It was SOOO hot in the theater and about half way through Breckie puked. She is such a punk. She hasn't' puked in 5 months but luckily I caught it all in my jacket… that I wasn't wearing since the theater was at least 80 degrees. 

After the movie Everett said that he didn't like it. On the way home he asked if we could buy it and now he won't stop asking us for it to come in the mail (once, we bought Chance of Meatball from Amazon because we couldn't find it in the store and now he thinks all movies should magically arrive in the mailbox).

So that's how we celebrated Valentine's Day :)

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