Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Parsons Trail

We went hiking with the Bakers on Saturday. They planned everything and we just went. The best kind of Saturday trip!

We drove about 3 hours to Cottonwood. It was kind-of in the general direction of the waterfall hike we did in October. 

Jake and I are notorious for being ill-prepared at times and this was one of them! Like… we forgot to pack diapers and wipes, Breckie is wearing a 9 month onesie with no change of clothes, we brought snacks but not lunch, ONE bottle of milk that she drank on the drive there...

But despite our juvenile packing skills, the day turned out amazing. The hike was fun and mostly in the shade, Everett walked 90% of it (this completely blew our minds!), Breckie loved the backpack, Everett was the first to play in the water (total shocker again), and we just had a really good time. 

(The Bakers)

Afterwards, we drove to Jerome, which is a completely adorable ghost town literally built on a mountain. It was seriously the coolest town ever. We went to an old mine that had tours but we got there just 30 minutes before they closed so we decided that we'd just have to come another weekend when it's extra hot at home for a nice, cool escape. 

Later we ate dinner and a cute little diner but our kids were done for the night and were pretty tired. Like drop-a-french-fry-and-have-a-meltdown tired. I through Jake might die. 

Everett slept on the way home but we got to listen to Breckie say: "me oooooooout" most of the way home. 

Even though we were a little unprepared in the beginning, everything worked out perfectly. We had found diapers and wipes in the car and the Bakers fed us lots of their lunch and we stopped and got Breckie milk on the way home. It was borderline a perfect family outing. 

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