Friday, March 13, 2015

Breckie's Birthday Wishes

Breckie's birthday was a lot of fun… until we got kicked out of the restaurant :)

Everett had school and we were asked to pick up our neighbor friend so she ended up just coming over to play from 10 'til 2! 

We made Breckie's cake and frosting and the kids were in heaven once I just handed them spoons so they could eat the frosting.

That evening I had planned to eat dinner at the Olive Mill and just sit at one of the picnic tables outside and eat/open presents/cake etc… but realized the day before (while I was taking her pictures there) that Monday-Thursday they close at 5. 

But that day before I was there taking pictures until 5:45 and it seemed totally fine. Nobody said anything so I thought as long as we were outside and not bothering anyone that it would still be fine. 

So the Millers met us there at 4:30. 

And we ate delicious food and had a good time. 

We were just about to do cake and presents when they kicked us out (so rudely). 

My heart was a little broken but, after all, they were closing. So we headed to the nearest park. 

Breckie (and the three boys) were so distracted by the park that her "party" kind-of went to crap from there… but what can you expect from four little kids!

Once we got her to open her presents, her excitement over her new doll jeep was all I could ask for. She makes my heart so, so, so happy!

She also got some Sophia the First toys she (and Everett!) haven't stopped playing with (thanks mom) and a ballerina outfit from the Millers. 

A few days before her birthday I was looking up cakes on Pinterest and when we found this dog cake she was in love. She just sat there saying: "oh hi doggie." Later I showed her pictures of several different cakes (bunny, hello kitty, owl) and she said "no" unless it was this dog cake. 

So I tried my best to make all her dreams come true on her second birthday and I think she was pretty happy about it.