Saturday, March 21, 2015

Joe's Farm Grill

Ever since visiting Tayne and Lucy in Portland Summer of 2011, I love good food. I really, really love good food. I mean, I loved it before but that was when food was something to eat. But Portland has this thing with food… they just make it amazing and make it an experience not to be forgotten. 

Living too far from Portland and in a land of chain restaurants and mediocre-to-poor restaurant food, food is and little less experiency and more just something to eat. 

This probably means that I should become a phenomenal cook because I love good food so much… but I'm not. I can follow a recipe but that doesn't make me or my food anything special. 

After Breckie was born we discovered Pita Jungle. Super good, delicious healthy food. Last October we went to the Olive Mill for the first time and loved it. Then on Thursday we went to Joe's Farm Grill. 

I feel like we are finally starting to find where the real food is served! I had the Thai Ahi salad (which was good) but the sweet potato fries, rosemary-dill onion rings, and the butter pecan milkshake were GOOOOOOOOD. I can't wait to go back!

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