Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Personal Baymax

Everett's love language is movies…. or youtube, phone apps, iPad games, nick jr, etc so Jake bought Everett Big Hero 6 the day it came out. Everett was as happy as a boy could be. He watched it twice that day… and pretty much twice a day the rest of the week. 

Everett is such a special kid. Last night he was my little personal Baymax. It's almost like he scanned me and knew exactly what my heart needed. 

We were snuggling on the couch after dinner and he says: "so is your tummy going to get really big?" I told him no, that it wasn't and that we weren't going to have a baby anymore, but maybe someday. And then my little Baymax says: "and then maybe it will be a horse or a chicken." 


I laughed and laughed and my heart was so happy. 

He said it might be a bird or an owl too but then he quickly changed his mind and told me that birds and owls live in nests and come out of eggs. And then, the best part, is he sticks he fist out and says: "Mom, knuckles" so we did our little fist bump and he goes: "Bah-a-la-la-la" and I about died laughing again. 

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  1. I love Baymax and I really love this story! He is hilarious!