Monday, March 23, 2015

Trampoline? Trampoline?

We got the kids a trampoline for Valentines Day. I wanted to get it for Breckie's birthday (since she was literally asking for one multiple times a day). She would look me in the eyes and say: "Trampoline? Trampoline?" and then when she chipped her tooth by using her crib as a trampoline we decided we better just get one and Valentines Day was the closest holiday. 

We've had a lot of fun on it and we're so glad we finally got one. Jake and Everett slept out there the other night and we've spend several afternoons jumping on it with the sprinkles under. 

And it's always a good idea to invite friends over to jump with you!


  1. so fun!! we just have an itty bitty one. i'm not ready for the jumping wars of my kids with a huge one yet! nice action shot!