Sunday, April 19, 2015

BSA Super Sprint Triathlon

I don't really have an official "bucket list" but I have one in my head that I add to all of the time. I'm not sure when I added triathlon to the list but it was on there and now I've done one! 

I guess the Boy Scouts of America/Varsity Scouts (I know pretty much nothing about boy scouts…) holds a triathlon in Pima, AZ every year and this year the 16-18 year old young women from church were invited to participate. Lucky for me, I teach the girls on Sundays so I got to participate too! 

We drove the 3 hours there Friday night, registered, got our numbers/packets/shirts, the youth had a dance, and then finally ate dinner at 10:00 pm!

We got to stay the night with relatives of Sister Morris' which was amazing since everyone else slept outside, in a field, on the ground :)

The next morning they even made me farm-fresh scrambled eggs!

We met the boys at the Gila Valley temple for a group picture and then headed to the race. 

(That's obviously not my picture but it's beautiful!)

I had been SUPER excited and nervous about this race because 
#1 I had never done a triathlon and 
#2 I literally can't even remember the last time I went swimming. 
I mean, I can NOT drown but I can't really swim. 

But we actually all started together as a group which was really fun and nice for competition. 

I had only one goal in mind and that was to beat Brother Redd (one of the young men leaders-super bright yellow/neon shirt from group picture). I honestly don't know why I singled him out, but that was my goal. I knew I couldn't beat Brother Stewart (blue shirt) because he does cross fit in his garage just to keep himself in shape for mountain biking... so I thought Bro Redd would be my next best option for someone to try and pace or beat. Plus, he seemed really competitive :)

So after we swam in the FREEZING cold pool and I barely not drowned during the 75 meter swim (which is nothing!!! it's only 3 laps!) I ran to my bike and biked as fast as Jake's mountain bike would go!

I let one of the girls ride my mountain bike and I had planned on riding my road bike but Jake was nervous that it would get stolen or something... so last minute I took his mountain bike instead. 

I wish I wish I wish I had my road bike!!!

During the 6 miles I probably passed 40+ people and only 3 passed me... and they were all on road bikes (except Bro Stewart)!

I had heard the transition from biking to running was rough. It was. It's like your feet still want to run in circles and not propel you forward no matter how hard you try!

In fact, I was so nervous about the transition that I forgot to take my helmet off! Once I realized it was still on I just had to leave it on the side of the road. 

It took about 3/4th of a mile just to figure out how to run. I wanted to stop and walk so many times but I knew the 1.6 miles would be over in no time if I just kept running… and I passed one of the young men leaders so I was thrilled!! I thought he said something encouraging like "Hey Tyrell, good job" but apparently he said "Hey Tyrell, you dirty rat!"

I knew Bro. Stewart had passed be and that I had passed one other leader but I had no idea who was ahead of them. While we were biking I realized I was ahead of Bro. Redd and that's all that mattered to me so I didn't really sprint to the finish. I just ran it in… so thrilled that I beat him!

At the finish I saw one of the young men and that was it! He said he and Bro. Stewart were the only ones done so I finished 3rd from our group of 16. 

Later when the results were posted I was so mad at myself for not sprinting it in… I literally was 2 SECONDS from being in the top 10 finishers for women!! I finished 11th/278 women and 174th out of 1475 participants. If I were 30 seconds faster overall I could have beat 10 more people! 

But I'm not competitive or anything ;)

11th   1421 TYRELL BERNER   Swim 2:21  Bike 28:30  Run 15:50    Total 46:41

(I was obsessed with the coolness of the 'body marking' so I had to do the same pose like 100 times!)

We were all super sunburned but happy to be done and now I can't wait until next year!

Today, at church, so many people came up to congratulate me for smoking all the boys and leaders and it literally made me feel so good. It was such a great experience and physically tough so all the compliments are just the icing on the cake. 

It really was hard and I feel like racing is (obviously) SUPER physical but it's also more mental than you'd think and I kept wondering how well I could do a longer triathlon. A sprint triathlon is .5 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1 mile run. I know that I could do that in the shape I'm in and it would obviously be a lot harder (plus I'd need to practice swimming a little) but an official triathlon (an Olympic) is .9 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run and that just sounds like it could kill me. I could do the bike and run independently right now, but combine them AND swim almost a mile sounds a little impossible. 

Maybe I'll stick it on the bucket list… maybe not?!

Buuuuuut knowing me, I'll probably want to do it someday! Until then, I'll just be looking forward to beating my time next year :)

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  1. Congrats! You are seriously awesome and my idol! Btw, I hope that was not my husband that called you a dirty rat ��.