Saturday, April 4, 2015

Crazy Days, Carrot Tree, and Crying

For the past two months Everett has been going to the same preschool as his long-time friend, Rhett. 

During the month of March they had certain "crazy days"… this was crazy hair day:

Crazy sock day was pretty epic:


They had career day too and Everett wore his church clothes to school with one of Jakes business cards pinned to his shirt because he wants to grow up and work in an office like his dad :) So sweet. 

*Also, last week at church they learned about how they can get baptized when they turn eight and he brought home a colored picture of a birthday cake with the number 8 on top and I asked him what his lesson was about at church. He said, "When I turn eight I'm going to go to work like dad." I asked what else? and he said "And I'll make dinner… sometimes" *

Oh Everett!

Last week they planted seeds in cups to bring home. 

I asked the boys what seeds they planted and Everett said: "Carrot seeds. We're growing carrot trees!"(haha, but I think they might be peas??)

Preschool is seriously the best things ever!

Except for on Wednesday. I went to pick him up from speech therapy school and as soon as he walked out the door and saw me, he burst into tears and couldn't even stop crying to tell me what was wrong. 

Some helper/teacher lady (whom I've never seen before) came out and told me that Everett was really upset that he couldn't sit by Emily at snack time so she told him that they didn't have assigned seats and would have to sit somewhere else…

He was so upset he didn't have snack or participate or even talk to them the rest of the day. 

I was kind-of bugged with this lady because it obviously meant a lot to Everett to sit next to Emily and I  feel like parenting a young child takes a lot of compromise and I just can't imagine there not being a way for some chairs to be rearranged for Everett and Emily to sit next to each other. 

Emily saw Everett crying so much after school that she stopped by our house the next day with a card, toy car, and a candy for Everett AND she brought a Dum Dum and a little toy doll for Breckie. 

No wonder Everett wanted to sit by her, she's got a heart of gold!

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