Thursday, April 2, 2015

Double Take

Lucky for me, Everett still kind-of, not really, barely fits in the double stroller. He has literally never complained about it so I don't mind taking my almost 5-year-old for a stroller ride!

Just the other morning we were out for a walk and as we passed an older couple walking the other direction, the woman said: "Oh, two babies!"(I LOVE how older people just come up with anything to say, I really do. Usually the man will say something like "wow, you have your hands full!") But I was thinking two babies…. two babies…. she should have seen them when they really were babies:

Time seriously just keep going by faster and faster… I can't keep up!

And I've been meaning to mention that Breckie say's "good morning" to anyone we pass (on stroller rides) whether they're on the same side of the street as us or not. It's adorable.

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