Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Day

Easter morning the Easter bunny left baskets buckets for his two favorite kids in their teepee. 

After they emptied their buckets they went and found eggs around the house. 

We spent the day at home watching general conference (I couldn't keep my eyes dry during Elder Holland's talk. He is amazing) and then we went to the Millers late that afternoon. We dyed eggs:

 And had an egg hunt for the kids. 

We tried to get a picture of the four of them and each picture is so funny to me!

I especially love that the Miller boys both have the same expression in the picture above and below!

The Jakes cooked dinner for us while our kids played and ate candy. Somehow Everett ended up with at least 15 more eggs than he started with… perhaps he kept "finding" them :)

After dinner we had the Holbein family Easter tradition bird's nests that were SO good. Apparently they are just chow mein noodles and butterscotch chips!

And then …

Oh yeah. It's the most delicious french silk pie I've ever had. Julia knows how to make me happy… and fat! It seriously is the most delicious thing on this planet. 

The rest of the night I followed Julia around her kitchen as she cleaned and swept and we talked and debated about having more kids or not… pretty much the same topic that's been on repeat for the last two years :) 

I love Easter. I love being a Christian and believing and knowing that Christ died and was resurrected to save all mankind. He is our Savior and I love celebrating that on Easter and every day in my life. 


  1. So much of this post makes me laugh! Especially the last part...babies and exciting! ;)