Monday, April 27, 2015

EQ Prom

So the men from church have held a prom for the last three years and this year was the first year we've gone… probably because Jake helped plan it this year so we kind-of had to go!

Jake isn't much of a dancer :)

(In fact, Saturday night was literally the first time we've EVER danced. Not joking.)

The men were encouraged to ask their wives to the dance creatively… as if they were still going to prom.  

Jake was SOOOOO creative and asked me JUST like his girlfriend had asked him to a dance in high school. Awesome Jake. 

At least one of the fish glows in the dark… so that was a little redeeming :)
We fed them a little beta fish food (because we have a beta fish and that's all the fish food we had) and then next morning they were all dead except the glow-in-the-dark yellow fish… he's pretty much a magical fish. 

So about the prom:

It was SUPER fun.
Jake and I danced for the first time ever. 
I laughed a lot… at Jake. 
It was "movie" themed.
All of the songs were from soundtracks. 
You could dress up as movie characters or semi formal.
There were drawings for movie tickets.
There was a red carpet.
They had movie candy and popcorn.
They gave out grammy's at the end of the night that we voted on.
Jake got the "two left feet" award :)
It was decorated amazing.
And there was a photo booth:

So prom was great and fun BUT Jake and two other guys had a surprise for their wives… after prom there was a limo waiting for us! I had never been in a limo and it was so cool. The driver was old and not from our part of town (and wore a blue and white striped shirt with PURPLE corduroy pants!) so we literally had to tell him how to get to where we were going. It was pretty funny and totally what good memories are made of.

So our husbands took us out for the best sushi I've ever had. It was so fun and such a cool surprise and it completely redeemed him from his "creative" blunder above :) 

P.S. I couldn't stand having two fish bowls on our kitchen counter so a few days ago Jake put the yellow fish in with the beta and we were expecting a blood bath. But nope, not ever a little scuffle. They get along great and keep each other company… kind-of like me and Jake!

But Jake and I love each other… I don't really know HOW much the fish are like Jake and I but I guess if we start seeing baby glow-in-the-dark betas then we'll know that it's true love :)

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  1. wow, Jake is a winner. He literally gets husband of the year award!