Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hiking and Biking the San Tan Mountains

Two weeks ago we went hiking with our friends (Heather + Janelle (visiting from UT) + our kids). It was starting to get really hot in the season and I was a little nervous for my sanity thinking about hiking with so many kids…  

(We are missing one kid and one mom in the picture)

But we survived! Here are the highlights:

#1 The very first person we ran into said to "watch out for the rattlesnake by the bench." Sweet.
#2 Breckie fell and scraped her knees three times. Bruises and blood followed. 
#3 People kept asking us if he had enough water for our kids. Duh. 
#4 Three more people told us about rattlesnake sightings on the trail. Great. 
#5 One cute child had a panic attack about the rattlesnakes.
#6 Most of the kids walked most of the way! Yay!


Some of the cactuses/cacti were blooming and some bushes and trees and I couldn't wait to go back and take pictures. 

So this Saturday I traded the road bike ride for a mountain bike ride and I was super happy about it! The other day I was thinking about how I was starting to feel like I was liking road biking better than mountain biking and I decided that could only mean one thing… I needed to mountain bike again and the blooming desert was the perfect invitation. 

I started out early as the sun was rising when there was still a little chill in the air. 

I love when the sun starts to shine through the cactus bushes because they seem to glow a little. 

I was kind of bummed to see that many of the blooms were done but I still got some beautiful shots and my ride was amazing. Sometimes I wonder if it's possible to love nature and not love photography too!

It's always neat to be in the shade of one mountain and see the sun rise on another:

It was a beautiful morning and I look forward to next Saturday morning when we hike Goldmine with our Young Women's group from church… it's not a biking trail so I've never been on it!

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