Thursday, April 30, 2015

IN-N-OUT With Pickiness

Last night we met Jake at Chipotle for dinner. Breckie ate some beans and Everett ate a few chips while complaining (incessantly) that he wanted french fries…

Jake and I couldn't even start a conversation before being interrupted by the plea for fries let alone hear the birds chirping or enjoy the warm evening. 

It was one of those, "well this really isn't that fun" kind of dining experiences. 

So afterwards I took the kids to IN-N-OUT so Everett could have his cries… I mean fries… and I ordered Breckie a burger since they're only two bucks. 

After a few fries Everett asked me if he could have some of Breckie's burger and I almost died!!! But I didn't show any surprise or excitement. I just cut it in half and gave it to him and he ate it! 

And that's not all. He asked for "sauce." I was so confused until I realized he was talking about ketchup and then they both ate ketchup on their fries and Everett asked for it on his burger.

So the night turned out to be a huge success!

I probably shouldn't be SO excited that Everett asked to eat a fast food hamburger and sugary ketchup but I am. I really, really am!

Maybe if I keep all my fingers crossed he'll keep "growing out" of being a picky eater :)



    Jensen throws down ANYTHING... and Easton only wants FRIES!!! When I get him to eat a hamburger from mcdonalds or chicken nuggets I do the happy dance. hahaa

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