Sunday, April 5, 2015

Medium Awesomeness

I took the kids out for cones last week. 

Just because. 

Just because I'm a cool mom. 

Just because I'm a cool, desperate-for-something-to-do mom. 

And this was after taking them to the library and checking out 9, N.I.N.E. movies!

That's one big, fat gold star on my mom chart :)

I took them through the Mcdonald's drive thru but their ice cream machine was broken. So we went to the brand new DQ with the outdoor couches and I ordered two vanilla cones… "what size?"

"Uh, medium?" I said:

MEDIUM!!!! Holy medium, Batman!

We were eating cones for like two hours! I even went and got a spoon so I could help ease their burden :)

Haha, I think Everett's face says it all!


  1. I need to rush over there and get a medium cone for me! Good grief those are ginormous!!

  2. I used to work at DQ and got SMALL for myself (they even have "kid" size). One lady asked me for an "extra large". I told her we didn't have that size but the large is huge (which it is). She yelled at me rudely and I said I'd charge her for 2 larges then and make a big one. I made it as big as I possibly could to be cheeky and she was PISSED when she saw it. She couldn't fit it through her car window since it was like a foot of ice cream on top. She drove off with her ice cream out the window.