Thursday, April 23, 2015


Tuesday through Thursday I pick the boys up from preschool and we always go to the park after. Luckily there are tons of parks on the way home but there is this one SUPER nice park in the neighborhood of their preschool that has a covered/shaded park and a pond (and a pool, splash pad, volleyball pit, basketball court, etc…). We've been able to see personal-pizza sized turtles, ducks, and lots of fish in the pond and one day a dad even brought his blue macaw (and his 4 kids) to the park and Rhett was in love. He asked 196,653 questions about the bird and the man was so patient to answer all of them. My kids, of course, wouldn't even touch the bird with a 10-foot stick. 

*My little dare-devil, crazy-hair Breckie. Toes over the edge with her hands in her pockets!

We've enjoyed our afternoons at the park and I'll be SUPER sad when it gets too hot. But that can only mean one thing… ice cream instead!

I really don't think they'll be too upset :)

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