Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Trees In My Dreams

It's not Earth day until next week but our neighbors planted three new trees in their backyard yesterday. I literally almost cried of happiness because it's almost as if WE planted three new trees in our backyard!

Earth day has nothing to do with them planting trees (because they are re-landscaping their entire backyard) but I thought it was ironic that it's just a week away. I remember in Elementary school (in Colorado) we took a special trip to a park and planted a new tree on Earth day. It was totally a hippy Colorado thing to do but it must have been cool because I remember it :)

I seriously can't wait until we can plant a tree or a bush or something. I was looking at the pictures of this house when we were thinking about buying it and luckily I took this picture (from Breckie's window) that shows our neighbors existing lemon tree and how small it was two years ago:

Look at how much it's grown in just two years! I can't wait to plant a tree and see how fast it grows in MY backyard!

But you know what would be even more amazing?? A bunch of trees and bushes AND a pool! Someday. Not anytime soon, but someday. 

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