Friday, April 10, 2015

Updating The Bathroom

I've been trying to find a color to paint our living room for the longest time and I just wasn't having very much luck (and it was starting to look like paint camo with all of the samples painted in there) so I moved on to the kids bathroom. 

Luckily I got the bathroom paint right the first time! Here are some before and afters:

It wasn't awful before but now that it's different I like it A LOT more :)

I don't know the fancy word for it, but it's kind-of a two room bathroom. The shower and toilet in one room and the vanity in the other. 

We just had random stuff in there from previous houses.

We took the second door off for now since our kids aren't really old enough to really share the bathroom and need privacy... and it was blocking some natural light. 

I painted it a dark teal-ish color called Plumage by Martha Stewart and put a real stool in there :) (Ikea) and a rug from Target that just happened to match perfectly!

We raised the light fixture, raised the mirror (it was sitting on the vanity before) and framed the mirror. The stain turned our SO much more red than we wanted. We even took a drawer to HD to find the right stain and everything but I think it looks fine. 

I added a small towel hook below the window and hardware to the vanity. 

Luckily we had all the decor. I did buy one more fake plant from Ikea though :)

The shower curtain and towels are also from Target. 

I moved the towel rod from above the toilet to below the window (which Jake trimmed for me) and hot glued some sand dollars into some shadow box frames (that were in the very first house we lived in after we were married :)

It's really a cute bathroom even though it doesn't really scream "kid" bathroom. Well… there is soap, a toilet, toilet paper, a stool, and toys in the tub so I guess that's all they really need!

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  1. I love the way it turned out... I'm always scared of dark colors, but I like it a lot! Nice job, as always ;)