Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Birthday Week Kick-off

Today is Everett's birthday… but first I must post what we did the day before he turned 5.

First I took Everett and Breckie to the first movie of the summer movie program which was The Lorax. We met the Miller boys and Julia there. 

As soon as that was over we met my Mom, Bridget, and Braxton in the parking lot. They had driven from Colorado to spend a few days with us so second, we went to lunch. 

We went home, let Breckie nap, made cake and cupcakes for Everett's party, and then picked up Jake on our way to dinner and goofy golfing. 

Jake + Breckie = TWINS!!!

Dear dinner, I loved you. Love, me. 

I didn't know it before, but behind Joe's Farm Grill is a garden so we walked around and took a few goofy pictures after dinner. 

After we were stuffed and had 28 new misquote bites each, we went goofy golfing. (Also known as miniature golf but I've always called it goofy golfing and no one ever knows what I'm talking about!)

We all had a great time and Everett is really looking forward to coming back and playing in the arcade on Saturday morning with Jake. Birthday weeks are the best!

After golfing we headed home but made one last stop at Dairy Queen. 

In the morning it would be Everett's birthday and he'd ask where all of his friends were :)

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