Friday, May 22, 2015


I've probably said this out loud to my friends 297,683 times but I can't wait to put Breckie in gymnastic. 

I think she'll love it and be pretty good. 

Way back in January she discovered the "balance beam" on our kitchen island and mastered it right away. 

She's always climbing on everything and Everett is always telling her to get down or be careful. 

I think she even does gymnastics in her sleep :)

But there is more to Breckie than just her potential-gymnast side. She's very fashionable :)

She isn't super into treats like her brother...

but seriously, who doesn't like chocolate frosting??

If you ever glance at her, there is a 94% chance that she'll be picking her nose:

It takes 15+ minutes to brush her teeth and she always says the toothpaste is spicy (it's not. It's green ninja turtle toothpaste with sparkles) and she LOVES diapers. She refuses to pee in the potty. I might have to try pull-ups with her because she can hold her pee for 4-5 hours but just won't let it go in the potty. 

At her two year check-up the doctor asked about her speech and then Breckie literally said (clear as day) "I want to go home." Haha, she is hilarious. I think her speech is a few months away from being as good as Everett's. 

She has stranger-danger fear times 100. 

To her:
She calls chapstick: deodorant
A stick of sunscreen: makeup
She has "boobs"
If she wants her window down she asks for her window to be up
EVERYTHING is purple
She says "my this" a lot (I'm assuming instead of 'mine')
And when you look at her too much she'll say "stop saying that"

She really is the coolest little girl and she makes my heart so, so happy. 

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  1. her and Jensen are the same!! Jensen is gonna rock gymnastics-- always climbing, jumping, flipping, and hanging...