Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Everett's 5 Year Photos

Everett pulled out a few great "tricks" during his 5-year photos.

After that picture I wanted to call it quits because I knew it'd be my new favorite picture. I just love it SO much it's ridiculous!

My heart melts looking at how handsome and mature he keeps getting. It's almost like I want to slow down time (even though I've been waiting for him to be 5 for so long!)

I absolutely love all of those pictures but his funny pictures are even better. I (obviously) didn't ask him to pose in any of these and I wasn't even prepared for 90% of them… he did them all on his own. After a few pictures he had to stop for a potty break and came right back out and then told me he was all out of tricks! Here are the funnies:

I feel like everyone should get the opportunity to raise a little person. Your heart is so unprepared to love someone so much!

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