Thursday, May 28, 2015

Everett's Ninja Turtle Birthday Party

This year Everett wanted a ninja turtle party and I think it turned out great. I hope he remembers how special he is and felt!

A few friends couldn't make it but we had lots of fun with the ones that could. We had pepperoni pizza delivered, ninja turtle green Gatorade, and veggies.

And then we made ooze.

We sang, had cupcakes, and opened presents. 
(His friends are amazing artists. Check out the birthday card and ninja turtle drawing!!)

Kids are hilarious. One kid only licked the frosting off, one decorated herself with it and then ate it, and one ate the whole cupcake in two bites!

Everett got a ninja turtle sprinkler, a ninja turtle water bottle, a chainsaw, and a batman + bat mobile. 

It was so cute how Everett wanted to wear his mask the entire party. He always wants to be Michaelangelo. So I had to get a picture of the ninjas wearing their masks. 

How cute are they??!

At the end of the party each kid got to take their ooze home in a ninja turtle cup. 

Everett had so much fun and I really hope he remembers how much we all love him. 

After the party he went with everyone to Target to pick out a present and fell asleep on the way home. It was 5 pm so we stuck him in his bed and he slept all evening. We kept waiting for him to wake up so we could have dinner/cake/presents with him but he slept until morning!

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