Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Father/Son + Campout = Snow

Everett had been looking forward to the father/son campout for a long time. I think he enjoyed rubbing it in Breckie's face that she couldn't go just as much as he was excited to go and camp. 

Somehow Jake got put in charge of it a little bit so he ended up packing a lot of extra stuff for the Saturday morning breakfast. They left Thursday afternoon after the longest morning of packing!

Jake said Everett had the time of his life playing in the dirt, "chopping" wood, and riding 4-wheelers. 

It was super super super cold he said.

And then it started to snow. 

And snow and snow and snow. 

Lucky Everett got to hide out in someones van to watch a movie and eat junk food…. namely ding dongs and potato chips. He also had about 7 pop tarts and 4 sodas during the campout. Now I know why he was so excited to go :)

A few people decided to go home Friday night. After making sure everyone had enough food for Saturday morning breakfast they came home too. Another father and son rode up with Jake and Everett and they were super cold, can out of clothes, AND their tent collapsed on them so they all decided to come home Friday night. 

Jake was super bummed that it was just a whole lot of work, WAY cold, and a lot of driving for their campout but secretly I think they had a good time the one night they were able to camp. A few people got there Friday and never even set up their tents and just come back home. Others left camp at 3 a.m. and a few brave fathers and sons slept the night and made snowmen the next morning. 

The next day Jake got sick. 

But Breckie and I enjoyed their absence by doing a little window shopping:

 walking around the neighborhood: 

eating whip cream straight from the can:

And taking a few selfies:

Maybe next times we'll all go camping and hopefully it won't snow!

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