Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Heart

My heart melts a little when I look at this picture. 

Mother's day has been great. 

Jake made us his fancy french toast and we were a little late to church so we could take a few pictures…

I was gifted lots of cool and edible things:

Everett's questionnaire is completely hilarious and his drawings are perfect! Perhaps we are bats?? Maybe vampires?!

Jake's card was amazing and the snoring part is so, so true!!

I ALWAYS love his IOU's and "gift cards." A birthday/anniversary/holiday wouldn't be complete without one!

After church and grilled chicken nachos from chef Jake we went to the Salt River to spend the day together, out of the house. 

Jake skipped a heart-shaped rock for me...

Everett drank lots of yoo-hoo, had water fights with us, had to pee lots, and fell in horse poop once.

He even spotted a "hand cactus"

Breckie skipped rocks, got drenched, had a few snacks, and smashed my castles. 

Together, Everett and Breckie fought over the Coke (that another random family offered us) as I was trying to take a family selfie… but the very best part… is the guy in the background trying to hike up his shorts. The second picture is even better :)

I'm so lucky/blessed/happy to have this family of mine. Each of them have a huge piece of my heart and I'm so glad I get to share my life with them… coke addictions and all ;)

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