Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mom Fail at Graduation

When school started after Christmas break Everett only went to speech therapy on Wednesday mornings. In February he also started going to Miss Debbies Preschool in the afternoons. 

Last week Everett came home from speech with 1/4th of a piece of paper announcing that next week was preschool graduation. 9:15 for am class and 11:15 for pm class. 

So I put a reminder on my phone for this Wednesday at 11:15. 

So Everett, Breckie, and I show up to speech today at 11:15. I didn't recognize anyone. I was so confused. I asked another mom where all the preschoolers were. 

I was seriously so confused. 

They were all behind a little black curtain in the other room preparing to graduate. So I took Everett back there and realized that the p.m. class was about to graduate and that his a.m. class had regular preschool today and that just the parents were supposed to show up at 9:15 to see them graduate (DUH)… and that they obviously had the ceremony already since it was 11. 

My only logical explanation is that he was in Miss Debbie's p.m. class (different school/different teacher) where it was referred to as the "p.m. class" often and in every e-mail so I just had it in my brain that school = p.m. class. 

I felt so so so weird and dumb and bad for completely ruining his speech graduation but he really didn't care one bit. He had a red hat when everyone else had a green one. Good thing it was on his head so he couldn't really see it :) 

But he graduated like a champ and actually looked at me and smiled!

After we snagged our cupcake and ran Everett asked me why he was the only one from his class there. I didn't even know how to answer him!

Because Everett… you're mom is a nerd. 
And there are many more mom fails to come, my dear :)

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