Monday, May 25, 2015

Peaches on the Farm

For the past few Saturdays Jake has been working on a project for me so I took the kids to Schnepf Farms to check out the peaches and play on the farm while he worked. 

We've been crazy lucky this year and it hasn't really gotten HOT yet. Saturday was only like 82 which is totally unheard of so we had to take advantage of it. 

The peaches smelled amazing but we didn't actually end up picking any (which I'm regretting!!). We did take a lot of selfies though and I'm not regretting any of them :) If you'd like to be entertained then just scroll through them and look at Breckie!

I wasn't planning on taking 'nice' pictures but I had my camera and these two are just so hilarious... 

Oh Breckie!

She's a professional nose-picker.

We left the peach trees and headed for the main farm.

I asked her if she wanted to smell the flowers...

Everett kept insisting that we ride the train but it wasn't time for it's next ride yet so we just ate a couple cookies while we waited. I'm still not sure why they had pumpkin sugar cookies this time of year??

After the train Everett wanted to shoot things but I was "all out of quarters" (because I wanted to stretch the fun and come back another day with Jake). 

We had a super fun day and got super lucky that it was such a nice Saturday.

I left the farm with such a happy feeling. 

Life is good. 

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  1. your kids are SO STINKIN CUTE!!!! lets plan another cruise!!!!!!!! seriously.