Monday, May 18, 2015

This Handsome Preschool Graduate

Preschool graduation has never looked so cute!

Miss Debbie's preschool put on a super cute graduation program last week. 

At the very beginning they stood up one by one and said their lines. Everett was first and said "welcome to preschool graduation" and I literally got all teary-eyed. 

They sang songs, got awards, and graduated preschool. 

Everett was really uncomfortable wearing his cap and gown… you can kind-of tell in every picture and by the time I took the last picture of him and Miss Debbie he was dying to get out of it!

I was so proud of him and how well he knew the songs and how much he's learned this year. He loves looking through his old preschool papers and can even remember which school/class/teacher it was with (since he's had 5 teachers in last 2 years!) 

He is 100% ready for kindergarten and is looking forward to when school starts... and so am I :)

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