Friday, May 8, 2015

Tour Week

Jake has been due for a new mountain bike for a while now. He was constantly having trouble with his chain falling off/shifting gears/handlebars breaking. The last time he went riding his handlebars literally broke in half. 

He got a new bike last Thursday night (right before the Chipotle/In-N-Out episode) so he put the remaining good parts of his bike onto my bike. So I got an upgrade with his leftovers since his bike was originally twice as nice as mine. 

Now I have disk breaks, better shocks, AND he tuned up my bike so now it shifts into all of it's gears! I'm pretty lucky he's so handy. 

Friday morning I went on a longer run. I usually only run 2 or 3 miles once a week since running is kind of hard on your/my body but I also don't want to just completely stop running and lose the sport so I've been fine with my current running. 

But after the triathlon sprint I figured I better step it up a little and make sure I've still got it in me! I started in the fields behind our house and made the 6.62 mile sojourn around San Tan Heights and back home again. 

The best part was crossing the main intersection and accidentally exhaling a big snot bubble for everyone to see. Sweet. 

I took the kids to the library for movies and magazines (aren't we pathetic?!?) and to Home Deopt Saturday morning while Jake stayed home and worked on a project for me. 

The project isn't done and probably won't be for a little while. Like months. It's hard to be patient!

Sunday was be-sick-day and throw-up-at-your-friends-house day if you were Breckie. 

Our friends invited us over for dinner so I made some delicious dessert and about half way through dinner Breckie puked all over me. I think we're getting to the point now that if Breckie's skin feels warm… she's going to puke. It also stormed big time that night.

Storm ='s lots of rain which I though might mean clean/dirt free roads (JOKES ON ME!!) so I went for a road bike ride early Monday morning. 

I pretty much went mountain biking with my road bike!

That afternoon I took the kids to Home Depot to buy one cabinet knob and to look at the plants/bushes. 

Our backyard is in desperate need for some color/plants/trees/bushes and last week Julia gave me an orange tree (because she is the most loving person in the whole world) and the tree was just so lonely so I gave it some company. It's like happiness is waiting for me in my backyard now :)

Everett has 4 cavities. One in each molar. Most likely from the Oreo bribes I gave him as a toddler to take a nap. Those were some expensive naps. We've known about the cavities for a while and chose not the spent the $1k last year to fix them but Tuesday morning we discovered that one cavity is getting pretty close to the nerve and all mayhem will break loose if we don't fix it and the rest of the cavities. 

I'm not even kidding you… those naps will cost us $1400 in total. I learned a $400 lesson to fix the cavity before it gets bigger. AND THE TEETH ARE GOING TO FALL OUT IN A FEW YEARS ANYWAYS!!!!

Everett had school right after the dentist and our carpool preschool friend was sick so Breckie and I stayed "in town" and had lunch. 

Cafe Rio since it was cinco de mayo.

We still had 90 minutes to kill so we went to Old Navy and totally scored on some Summer dresses. All on clearance, all totally adorable. I'm excited to wear dresses and skirts this summer because they are 100% less hot than capri's and even knee length shorts. Breckie was happy to buy a giant bouncy ball. She got a purple one on the first try. We decided to buy Everett one…. red. How perfect. 

We picked Everett up from school, gave him the red ball, about 4 minutes later it accidentally rolled into the street and down the storm drain. He literally cried harder than he's ever cried. I don't even think he'd cry that hard if you told him our house blew up or something. 

Realizing this bouncy was the most important thing in Everett's life at the moment, we went back to Old Navy. I already prepped him by telling him that he didn't get to choose the ball. Whatever comes out he'd have to be happy with. He agreed. 

He put the quarter in, twist….. bright pink. It was just too cruel to make him have a bright pink one so I gave him another quarter… twist… bright pink again.

So I gave him my last quarter… said a little prayer… twist… blue! 

Phew. The day was saved!

Plus he ended up getting a captain America shirt so he really was a happy camper.

Wednesday I went running again. 

I saw this sad face on the trail and had a good laugh:

Everett was at speech therapy. When I went to pick him up he was holding a small gift wrapped in green tissue paper with a blue ribbon wrapped around it so I asked him what it was (knowing that it was a Mother Day gift) and he says: "I can't wait to give this to Dad; it's for Mother Day!"

I had a good laugh. 

He's still set on giving it to Jake. For Mother Day. 

Later we met Jake for ice cream because we'd seen him for about 10 minutes all week and he had a 7 pm appointment that night. (Someone has to pay for Everett's golden teeth!!)

Plus it wouldn't be a real week unless we had ice cream at least once!

Everett likes to be outside but I think his struggle is that he doesn't really know what to do out there… you know, because there isn't an x-box out there :) So everyday I MAKE him go outside and most of the time the morning is the best time. Thursday morning Everett AND Breckie rode scooters to the park and there we found a small, green skateboard with the brand/logo/drink Honest Tea printed right in the middle. 

Everett was in love and I got a few videos of him  riding it. He impressed me! A few weeks ago he told me that he wanted a skateboard for his birthday. He wanted to keep the one we found but I told him that it wasn't ours. 

Later that day it was still at the park so we brought it home. I'm not sure how honest it was to take it (maybe we'll put up a lost and found sign) but the Honest Tea logo is a great reminder of my guilt!

Everett had school again that afternoon. He had made a card and had a flower to give me after school and this time he knew it was for me (and not his dad) for Mother's Day :)

So that was a summary of the last 7 days of our lives… or the first 7 days of May. Only a few more weeks 'till Everett turns 5. 

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