Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cliffs At Canyon Lake

We went with another (large) family to Canyon Lake on Saturday and had a blast. 

They had gone the Saturday before and posted pictures on FB and I commented that I NEEDED TO GO so they invited us back on Saturday. 

We went with the Westovers (family of 8) and their sister and her 7 kids and the grandparents. We were so happy to be adopted into their family for an afternoon! 

We had floaties galore, pool noodles, and even an inflatable mattress :)

We all just floated around, jumped off the rock (behind Breckie), ate snacks, and peed in the water. 

Thanks to some borrowed water shoes and lots of babysitters, Jake and I got to climb up and jump off the rock several times. But first I watched Jake and Josh (18) and two of the younger boys (around age 10) climb up and jump off. Those are some brave little boys! Even one of the 4 year old girls jumped off the smaller rock down there at 25 feet!

We have a video of Jake and I jumping off together… so I just paused it and this is the best picture I could get (even though Jake's head isn't in the picture :)

We had so much fun and we can't wait to go back!

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