Sunday, June 21, 2015

He's Perfect

This picture makes me so happy it kind-of hurts. I think I said that on Mother's Day too but it's true. I  just love everything about it! 

Jake is such an amazing father. He is everything a father should be and more. He puts these two to bed every night and that alone makes him perfect!

He is such a good example of how a father should be. 
Everett has some pretty big shoes to fill :)

Everett already thinks his dad is perfect. 
Everett couldn't be more right about his dad… except his age :)

We gave Jake a few of his favorite things so he knows how much we love him. 

I feel like I should be saying so much more about Jake and what an amazing father he is but if you just watch him (or see pictures/blog posts about him) you'd know how amazing he is. These kids just love their dad so much and think he's perfect. I'd have to agree with them!

Happy Father's Day Jake!

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