Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hops & Hoops

I'm sure our neighbors just love us :) 

We're always outside making tons of noise. 

One Sunday morning (at 6:28 am) Jake and Everett were outside jumping on the trampoline in the rain.

Like I said, they must love us :)

But I'm sure they can't be too mad about hearing our noise from over the fence.  

Who wouldn't want to hear a 5-year-old boy running and jumping into a pool while hurling his basketball soccer ball towards the hoop while shouting random phrases of who knows what??… for hours?

Sometimes the ball actually made it in the net and he'd yell "GOAL!!!"

Breckie is always a good sport and knows when to stay out of the way!

We've had lots of good times in our backyard so hopefully our neighbors are used to the ruckus by now… because there are a lot of good times still to come :)

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