Saturday, June 20, 2015


Monday we went to the splash pad, looked at the puppies and then had dipped cones at DQ. There should be some sort of frequent buyer card at DQ because we go there at least once a week! 

Tuesday was the Summer movie program. Breckie isn't the biggest fan of movies but at least she likes the popcorn :)

Wednesday we went to bootcamp, grocery shopping, and then danced to Pandora with the volume ALL the way up for hours. I will be SO sad when my kids grow out of this. 

Thursday we went swimming. It was 115 degrees. The kids did amazing and I am loving how much easier life gets as they get a little older. Neither one of them can swim and they were climbing on me, jumping to me, and hanging onto me the whole 2.5 hours but it was fun. 

(Breckie dropped a cracker so I threw it in my bag so she wouldn't eat it and the entire ant community found it.) 

Friday we went to the open gym session with the Millers (at their gymnastics gym). 

It was super fun for the kids and I'm looking forward to signing Breckie and I up for the mom and tot class when Everett starts Kindergarten.

 That night we had friends over to play games and eat homemade ice cream (and mint oreos). We let the kids stay up and it was 10:30 before we got them into bed. Our kids are so lucky :) 

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