Sunday, June 14, 2015


Everett and Breckie have no idea how cool their dad is.

Actually, I think Everett's starting to catch. 

Yesterday our air conditioner blew a fuse so Jake took Everett to the store with him to buy a new fuse. Naturally, they came back with lots of non-essential, non-fuse items like snacks, new flip flops, and a slip-n-slide. 

After a new failed attempts at the slip-n-slide (advertising can be so deceiving, right Everett?!?!) Jake showed him how it's done. 

He did pretty good, but only got so far on his own. So Jake gave him a little push :)

(look up and you'll see Breckie picking her nose :)

How can your heart not be so so so happy right now?!!

This is what childhood is all about and I'm so happy that Jake will be the source of their happiest memories!

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  1. I just face hurt smiled through this while post! How fun!