Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Regional 2015

This year was the third year we've been to the Edward Jones Summer Regional. Our first year was in Tucson, last year was in Scottsdale, this year was also in Scottsdale but at a different resort. We stayed 4 night at the Omni Scottsdale Resort at Montelucia. 

Sounds fancy because it was fancy!

We got there Wednesday evening and went swimming right away. 

We had the entire pool to ourselves and swam and played until the sun went down. 


With the help of some goggles and arm floating, Everett's swimming improved 100%. He was doing AMAZING by the time we left the resort. 

That night Everett and Breckie shared a bed, which has adorable, but Breckie kept waking us up all night.

In the morning, Breckie and I walked around the resort and look a few pictures. 

Everything was just so beautiful!

Later we swam with the Millers and had lunch by the pool. 

Later I took the kids back to our room to nap and relax while Jake went to the first meeting. 

The view from our patio:

That night the kids went to the daycare while we went to the welcome meeting with our spouses. After that was dinner and "Jolly Roger" (an entertainer for the kids). 

Jake and Breckie shared a bed that night and I guess she kept waking him up all night so at 7 Jake took her to breakfast while Everett and I got up and got ready. It was pretty cute to see her sitting at a table with crazy hair and a bunch of business people!

She was being pretty naughty that morning so I stuck the portable crib in the toilet room for a nap. It worked like a charm and she took a 2.5 hour nap in there!  (The bathroom was the size of a large bedroom and the toilet closet was (obviously) big enough for a portable crib + a toilet!)

We went swimming that afternoon when Jake was done with meetings and then we all had dinner again that evening. They had a panel of 5 couples (other financial advisors) that had been married for 29-50 years and played a "not-so-newlywed" game and that was hilarious. 

That night I slept for less than an hour. We tried putting Breckie to sleep in her portable-by-the-toilet-crib but she puked so we decided I would sleep with her while Jake and Everett actually slept. 

This made Saturday the looooongest day. 

We had breakfast and then swimming while Jake had meetings until noon… but Breckie was bing a monster. I carried her out of the pool kicking and screaming (put her down for a nap) and then Jake carried Everett out of the pool kicking and screaming two hours later (sunscreen in the eyes + he was super tired) which woke up Breckie which means I took Breckie back to the pool because there is nothing else to do when it's 194,874 degrees out. So I was at the pool from 10-4:30 on Saturday but it wasn't bad. I had tons of fun playing with my kids (when they were happy :)

Luckily Saturday night was the awards banquet so the kids went to the day care from 6-10 that night (!!) while we got to eat super fancy food and dress up and pretend that we're super fancy. And there is no way we're getting this fancy and not documenting it… 100 times!!:

After the dinner and awards we left to pick up our kids but Jake came back to chat and spend the last few hours of the night socializing with friends/fellow financial advisors… here:

The resort was magical. When you thought they were setting up for a wedding you realized it was just for breakfast the next morning!

Speaking of breakfast the next morning, we ate at a fancy breakfast buffet where I had a waffle with vanilla bean whip cream, a ham/cheese/bacon/spinach omelet, yogurt/berry/granola parfait, hash browns, and a cookie to go. That was just what I ate!

We spent our last hours swimming and soaking up as much resort life as we could (after we slept in till 9:30 and ate 40,000 calories for breakfast)!  

When it was all said and done Jake and I decided we had a great vacation even though our kids are still young and SO hard to venture away from home with! There were times when we thought all hope was lost and the vacation was a failure, but we came out on top and we're looking forward to next year already. It can only get easier from here, right?!!

Until next year...

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