Monday, June 15, 2015

The Things He Says

I was reading New Testament stories to the kids at breakfast and I was reading about Jesus and Peter walking on the water and Everett interrupts me and asks, (sincerely) "Peter Pan?" :)

We got out of the car at Lowes: "Whoa! That's a BIIIIIG bird poop!"

I told Everett I was going to the store and asked him if he wanted anything. He said: "yeah, I need  cowboy fishies." I asked him what cowboy fishies were. "The ones with the marshmallows in them." He makes me laugh so hard. He's talking about the graham cracker/smore fishies and I have no idea why he called them "cowboy fishies"

I asked him if there was anything else: "Can you get more of the snowflakes?" Haha, he meant frosted flakes but at least I knew what he was talking about this time. 

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