Saturday, June 13, 2015

Top Golf

Golfing with the Greenes Friday night was a blast. 

Aubri Greene is the type of person that everybody just loves. She is kind, hilarious, easy on the eyes, a kid magnet, and she happens to be extra great at golf, too. 

We went to Top Golf with her and her husband (Jake- haha, how many Jake's can there be!!) and it was fantastic. 

Aubri gave us some pointers… since we could obviously use them :)

I didn't even know how to do… well, anything! This was my first time holding a golf club that wasn't for miniature golfing!! I came in last every time and I completely missed hitting the ball too many times but it was still way fun. 

(There's like a GPS in each ball or something that tells you if/what net it lands in and how many points it was and there are different games you can play, etc)

After a couple rounds and three baskets of chips and salsa later, we picked up a pizza and headed home to play card games. 

Date nights are seriously they best. 

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