Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I've had this little space on the internet for 6 years now. I feel really lucky to have the last 6 years documented so well. 

And to keep the goodness coming, here are some low quality pictures of our day at the mall yesterday :)

Highlights were the Lego store, Disney store, and Barns & Noble where we played trains. 

We played for 3 hours and the kids didn't cry or even ask to buy anything. I think that only happens once in a parent's lifetime!

In fact, Everett even made a new friend at each store and it blew my mind how well he shared. He's such a good kid. 

Well, here's to another 6 years :)

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  1. And I have loved reading your cute blog for 6 years! I do surely hope you keep writing and documenting your life and cute family.