Friday, July 24, 2015

As A Child

When Breckie asks me what she was like as a child, I will direct her to this post :)

You were a pretty good eater.

You played like this:

… and afterwards you pooped in that water. 

When you were letting me know you were going to do something naughty, you gave me this look:

Everything was a toy to you. 

And to get more speed on that salad spinner:

And even a better spin:

(I'm lucky she hasn't broken anything yet!)

You made the best faces.

Your best friend was a boy. 

You had terrible hair because your mom didn't know what to do with it:

You dressed yourself and idolized your brother (and wore his hand-me-down shirts to bed).

You were trouble sometimes…

 ..but you were an amazing sleeper (when we were home… NOT on vacation!)

Those were your two most favorite blankets.  (Your great-grandma made the checkered one about 35 years before you were born.) 

You were cool, hilarious, spunky, naughty, mischievous, and so much fun!

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