Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jake (Kind-of) Saves The Day

Jake's early morning mountain bike ride was a little too exciting last week!

He got on the trails an hour later than he wanted to but it was a good thing because he was completely in the right spot at the right time. 

He stopped at the top of a hill for a water break and ended up talking with a few guys for a second. Then they went down and Jake followed a few seconds later. One of the guys crashed pretty bad on the way down. 

He couldn't breathe or talk and there wasn't any cell service so Jake rode back to the entrance station as fast as he could (while his friend stayed with him) so they could call for help. 

They think he had a punctured lung or something so they to stuck a tube in his side so he could breathe.

A helicopter even came to pick him up. 

What a crazy way to start your morning! Then, as Jake was continuing to ride the trails, he totally wiped out and has one continuous scrape/bruise from his palm, down his arm and side, that ends at the bottom of his hip. 

I guess boys will always be boys :)

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