Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kissing Cousins

These four are almost like cousins. 

There is absolutely no real relation between them other than they treat each other like family and they spend enough time together they might as well be.  

I'm glad we taught Breckie early that there is no kissing cousins… or even holding hands :)

She's just too much sometimes!

Monday we cooled off at the splash pad in Anthem. 

We had so much fun! 
Everett and I even turned the slides into "water slides" and seriously had a blast. 

I had a bit of comic relief when Julia found that one of her boys had pooped in his mesh-lined swim trunks. Her life is so hilarious to me. If something can go weirdly wrong… it will happen to Julia. I will always be the one to laugh about it too... because when your practically family you can do things like that :)

Hey, at least she can mark cleaning-poop-out-of-mesh off her bucket list now!!

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