Saturday, July 18, 2015

Shopping Cart Shinanigans

Not every shopping experience can be as easy and enjoyable as this:

Like the time we were having company for dinner and I went grocery shopping WITHOUT my wallet (and didn't know it until I was at the checkout) and Everett had fallen asleep and Breckie didn't have shoes on. It was bad. Well, it was only bad for me… Everett slept through the whole thing!

He fell asleep in the cart, even slept during the cart-to-carseat transfer, slept on the way home, slept on the way back to the store, slept from the car-to-being-carried-into-the-store to sitting in the cart transfer too!

He didn't even wake up until we were on the drive home for the second time!

Luckily we made it home (with groceries!) just in time to make dinner and have our company (and Jake) show up! Some shopping experiences are just easier than others, ya know!?

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